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The Grease Disposal from MARK BAROS on Vimeo.

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the grease disposal


The Grease Disposal. A disposable container for a safe, easy and convenient way to dispose of Fat, Oil and Grease.

The Grease Disposal can be used in the kitchen, RV, camping, BBQ grill, garage and many other uses.

The responsible way to dispose of cooking F.O.G Countless cities across the USA consider this a major problem. Our environmental duty. The Grease Disposal needs to be in every kitchen just like a BROOM!!! 306,000.000 Americans live in the USA. About 30% of the food we eat contain F.O.G. 52% of Americans eat Bacon according to the AMCI. 1.7 million pounds of Bacon is consumed each year by the food service industry.

The Grease Disposal  The Grease Disposal